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What Invokes Inspiration?

For most, this is probably a hard question; along the lines of "what's for dinner?" or "How can I stop an extinction?". My point being it's personal and complex.

Personally, I'm a Generalist; I observe the world around me and try to see the complexities of both the macro and the micro at the same time.

I thought about what inspires me and came up with the following:

  • Discovery

  • Quests and Quests Completed

  • Colors

  • People that know what they want and go get it

  • Nature

  • Magic - also known as unknown science

  • Tools and Tech

  • Stories and Adventure and Challenge

  • The Way

  • How people think (...or don't)

  • Saving the Monarch Butterfly

So, what inspires you? Post your comments. I'd love to see your inspirations. And please check out our fund page.

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