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Roadside Pollinators Continue to Decline

In a recent article published in Sierra - The national magazine of the Sierra Club - the value of roadside and median land use for the protection and proliferation of pollinators was discussed.

In short, while this is a great idea and a worthwhile plan, little has been actually done. Action has not been taken in a meaningful way.

We at are tired of this. We see this all the time. A solid idea is put to the wayside because there is always some other urgent attention grabbing "crisis". I won't name the multitudes of topics that have floated to the topic of the day usurping the bigger existential issues. There are too many and many are worth our attention.

However, existential issues like pollinator extinction and global warming are staring us down and will insipidly and passively result in massive suffering and loss of life. It's not to late but it soon will be and there won't be anything we can do about it once we pass the tipping point which is now.

The pollinator problem can't wait. We will suffer if we don't solve this fast. has a plan. We need your help and we will make it happen. We think the reason many of these efforts have failed is that the people in charge can't see the profit in existential solutions. It's easier to go for the instant gratitude solutions. When it comes to solving these types of problems there is no "instant".

Time is the only protagonist and it always wins. There are no shortcuts, no time travel, no worm holes and no benevolent aliens that will save us. This is the modern "manifest destiny". We created these problems. We have to solve them.

Clearly, "best practices" and governmental implementation has not made headway.

"In 2014, the White House issued a memorandum instructing federal agencies to create strategies that promote the health of honeybees and other pollinators. As part of that effort, Xerces and other groups worked with the Department of Transportation to come up with best practices for roadside management. While federal leadership of the issue has fallen by the wayside under the Trump administration, Black says many state departments of transportation implementing the management techniques and road maintenance agencies at the county and city level have also begun to think about the costs and consequences of their mowing." - BY JASON DALEY | AUG 17 2019

America is based on capitalism for better or worse. Our opinion is that it's better than the alternatives. In this, we aim to put these "plans" and "implementation" efforts into a framework that America can understand and get behind. Profit.

Our plan is to preserve the pollinators and make a profit. We will succeed with your support and donations.

Be a part of the solution and make a donation today.


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