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Researchers suggesting bees and butterflies are at risk of major losses

For the Monarch Butterfly, the data doesn't lie. The population decline is shocking and shows a 90%+ loss. Honey bees also have alarming statistics, however, bees have been commercialized and are "managed".

There is no present way to commercialize the Monarch Butterfly directly like we do with bees. We don't expect this to change. We don't see "butterfly chips" on the menu just yet.

What we do see is a way to support the biodiversity needed to support our ecology and food chain. Given the Monarch Butterfly is only able to complete its life-cycle with available milkweed and milkweed has great potential for commercial products, our habitats will grow milkweed in a way the Monarch can utilize it efficiently (ideally 4ft apart) and process harvested milkweed into sustainable products like life vests, hypoallergenic fillings, receipt paper, drinking straws, and more.

The bottom line is you can help. Every contribution, tweet, share, and like helps. Please visit our fundraiser for exclusive videos and updates.


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