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Dinner with a Side of Education

"Carlsbad’s Seasons Restaurant, a butterfly garden has been planted at the center of its dining patio in the hope of attracting migrating monarchs to the spot during their summer migration."

When I read this article by Pam Kragen in the LA times, I was kinda grossed out. This restaurant is actively inviting insects to the table. For me, this is pretty gross. I like the intent and initiative, but it nudges my brain in a strange way - like, are they going to offer a butterfly sandwich made with California Poppies and Monarch au jeux?

To be clear, they aren't. But it made me look.

Regardless of the appeal, I'm encouraged by the efforts. I was happy to see "Pat Flanagan, owner of Butterfly Farms, a nonprofit education and conservation organization based in Encinitas" has helped guide these efforts.

More so, I'm glad the Monarch Butterfly isn't on the menu... yet. After all, people will and do eat anything that doesn't kill them.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Or at the very least, let's save the Monarch so it is so plentiful that it becomes a reasonable food source for humans... if you're into that sort of thing.

Help us Save the Monarch Butterfly from Extinction:


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