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The Bank of Mariposa
Introduction to our original concept of earning Butterfly Interest

We show your investment amount, the milkweed plants you have helped to grow, and the resulting Monarchs developed.  All attributed to you! How cool is that? You helped repopulate the Monarch Butterflies with your $100 contribution! Amazing!

Try it here in a demonstration of how your statement will look upon making a contribution.


Invest now and watch your return on investment

The California Milkweed Highway

CMH Butterfly image 030321.jpg

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Coming soon:
Monarch IR Butterfly tracking app

This app will behave passively and actively. In passive mode, the app will scan every so often for IR signals that are checked against a database of IR codes that have been allocated to Monarch Butterflies. If a Monarch is located, the GPS location and IR is captured. As an option, the user is prompted if they want to send a picture of the Monarch discovered.

On the backend, the program will log the information for use in the migration path tracking database. This may be publicly shared.

In active mode, the app will allow the user to capture non IR tracked Monarchs in clusters or individually. If a cluster is captured, visual AI can be used to count them. In all cases GPS for the captured for the Monarch.

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